Welcome in Cyberspace! :)

The Ministry of Economic Affairs is working on a four-years digital strategy. Their ambition is to make the Netherlands a leading digital country in Europe. Key elements in this strategy are digital knowledge, 5G, blockchain and cybersecurity.

Coincidentally, these topics are very hot in our region: as an industry, we are closely working together on digital education. We happen to have an awesome 5G field lab, the first one in the world to span both a city and a rural area. The largest blockchain hackathon in the world is organised here. And we have leading companies in cybersafety.

So we said: awesome, we are already working on your strategy. In fact, we are already doing where you want the Netherlands to be in four years time. To promote Groningen as a frontrunner in a digital society, we decided to do some self promotion, and claim the #1 digital city spot.

With an average age of 36, Groningen is the youngest city in the Netherlands. Young people are the future and love to work on important challenges in the world. With all our digital buzz, you can say we already live in the future. And we work on the future.

We thought it would be fun claim to be Cyberspace HQ and to wrap all this in an over the top retro 80’s sci-fi atmosphere. In typical Groningen style, we initiated a small app group, invited some stake holders and got things done in just a few days: concept, text, design, website, video, socials. We managed to build this totally cool digital clock, inspired by Back To The Future, from scratch.

It’s these spontaneous actions, with great enthusiasm and group effort, that makes Groningen so much fun. I’m proud of this scene. From idea to execution, get it done. An ambitious and serious story, brought with a smile. Kudos to all the people who voluntarily helped!

Enjoy our Twitter feed and the welcomeincyberspace.com website (Dutch)

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