About me

Hi! I am Stef, proud father of Maja and (co-)founder of several companies, such as Jet-Stream and Streaminar. I live in the Netherlands, in a modernized farmhouse in Drenthe. I co-founded the first internet agency in our region at age 23 and did not attend college. I love cars. V8 cars.

Together with friends Gerad and Rudo I pioneered the world’s first webcast ever (as far as we can tell) in 1994. A short Rockumentary called ‘Ready Set Rock ’n Roll‘ (watch it here!) was made about these early days of streaming.

Next to my companies, I am involved in societally oriented activities, such as I was member of the board of the NOO (society of regional internet companies) and am member of the supervisory board of the RTV Noord broadcasting organization. I give a lot of presentations and lectures and actively promote entrepreneurship, digitization, and economic strategies in entrepreneurial and political networks.

Last but not least I am quite active in bold campaigns that promote entrepreneurship, economic growth, regional positioning, digitization, innovation and renewable energy for which I’ve done concepting, strategy, copywriting and social media campaigns, many times together with friends and entrepreneurs. See for example these campaign references (Dutch). Also check De Mannetjes, a recent podcast show (Dutch).

I will occasionally write blog articles here, sometimes in English, sometimes in Dutch, because I simply need a place to write down ideas or insights and hope they are an inspiration just as many people inspire me.


Email my first name at vdziel.com

Twitter @stefvanderziel

Copyright: sharing is cool: if you share my insights, please credit me and refer to my blog. What you learn here does not give you the right to monetize it or claim any ownership.